Plasmalyte Lighting from RTM

PLASMALYTE has partnered with RTM Lighting & Electronics to design application specific lighting systems including grow lighting and zoological exhibit lighting. Together we work with our clients to help build them a system that aligns with their lighting requirements and partner with electrical contractors for complete installation.

Plasmalyte’s techonology is based on a Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) ,electrode-less lighting platform, that uses radio frequency (RF) in the microwave range to create a high intensity plasma discharge. Its high power point is based on microwave excitation of an argon gas and metal halide mix to create a gas plasma.

The plasma technology has been developed with the US company Luxim. The Luxim LEP light engine has already been incorporated into a number of luminaires from StrayLight including Aquarium, Grow Light, Street Lighting, and Special Exterior/Interior Applications.

Light Emitting Plasma™

A technology beyond LED and metal halides, with savings of at least half of all costs. Light Emitting Plasma™ (LEP) is a solid state high intensity light source that brings clean, efficient lighting solutions to general and specialty lighting. It is energy efficient, long lasting, full spectrum and brighter than other lighting technologies such as LED in many applications. Plasma lights use an RF power supply that converts electrical power to radio frequency (RF) power, a process that vaporizes the contents of the LEP bulb to a plasma state, generating an extremely bright source of light. Additionally, Plasma offers cost savings in energy and maintenance that results in a great return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.


23,000 Lumens per light. Each quartz bulb is ¼” x ¼”, the size of a TicTac® candy.


72 lumens/watt, rapid re-strike, and 45 second turn-on. Energy savings of up to 70% depending on application and specific circumstances.


Bulbs feature a 50,000-hour lifetime.

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